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How to add in Telegram

* At first choose a group link which is your choice and tap on that.

* Then this page will be automatically redirected to another page and you can see a lot of browser.

* From those browsers, choose only Telegram and tap on that.

* Then sudden you will se the option” join group”

* Then tap the option and become a member of Telegram group.


1: Don’t send any spam videos and images.

2: Always follow the rules and regulations of the group.

3: Read the group descriptions and obey them like that.

4: Only send group related things and don’t send any unnecessary things.

5: Never want to share any other website URL.

Here you can find categories wise group link but you have to choose your group which is your choice. Mind it, these groups are very important for everyone. If you don’t like then don’t be a member of these groups. Really it is very difficult to create a group. We know that creating a group means there have many problems. Anyone who will be a group admin is not a common thing. He remains on pressure because He takes all the problems with these groups.

What is Telegram messenger?

Before I have given about Telegram messengers. So I don’t want to describe that. Telegram is an instant messaging service that is available on every smartphone. Really it is a very cool-based application. We can chat with our friends and family easily. But It is far better than WhatsApp application because here it has given a lot of features and everyone can use it. It is also a safe and secure application than other applications. If we will see and compare it with other competitors then we can sure that the Telegram application is the one. There is nothing to worry about telegram because before I have described it clearly. I have also provided a telegram group, types of groups, how to join, the difference between Telegram and WhatsApp and the benefits of groups.

Difference between Telegram group and Supergroup

Generally, the Telegram group is two types which have divided on the base/majority of members. One is its basic group and another is Supergroup.

Basic groups contain only 200 members maximum. It is a very small term. Here we can create a group only for family members or limited friend circles. If you face any problem then create a supergroup.

Supergroups also two types. One is a private Supergroup and another is a public supergroup. The private supergroup is the same as Telegram public group but the supergroup contains 100000 members approximately. Everyone can see it. We can’t ever take too simple and private anyway. It has a large community.

How can we create a Telegram invite link?

1– At first, Open your Telegram application on your PC or Smartphone.

2– Then tap on the group icons.

3– After that, A new window will open and there you can see the options of “add member” and just tap on that.

4– Then you can see the option of ” Invite to group via link” and tap on that.

5-Then copy the sharable link and share that to your friends for adding members.

How to create a Telegram group

If you want to create a Telegram group or share then follow below sincerely. It is available on Android phones, window phones, iOS and also I phone.


* Firstly, open the Telegram application on your Android smartphone.

* Then tap the pen icon which has seen on the right bottom of the screen.

* Next see select ” new group and tap on it.

* Then you have to select a minimum one member to add in the group. If you want to large group then select members.

* After select, tap on tick mark at the right top of the screen.

* Then give your name of the group and write the description of the group.

* After all, you have to input just ok and now your group is ready. Let’s enjoy…


In iPhone, it is in every way to create a group, First, see the top of the corner and click on that. Then you can send a message and create a group easily.

If you can also want to create the Telegram group link then follow the above steps and create new groups in Window, iOS and others. If you want to know more about telegram group then go to Wikipedia

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